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Tammy Hembrow Shared How Her 3 Year Old Went To Hospital In The States

Instagramer, Youtuber, Model, Fashion Designer Tammy Hembrow (24) shared a photo of her and adroable son Wolf (3)in hospital with a big bandage on Wolfs head.

"Today I learned my 3 year old is way braver than me - (Dw guys he is fine)," Hembrow captioned the photo.

Wolf with sister Saski (2)

We dont know what caused the injury to Wolfs head but it could infact be his younger sister. Tammy uploaded this video last week to her instagram, where Saski is asking Wold to fight her.

Tammy was engaged to Reece Hawkins until she ended the relationship last year.

We are wishing Wolf the fastest recovery from his boo boo