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Stephen Colbert Prank on Lorde and Jacinda

Stephen Colbert. most commonly known as The Late Show host, has come to New Zealand to escape the political drama of the US. His show features his "week-long trip to New Zealand"; being kicked off with a classic New Zealand state dinner, the kiwi barbecue. He was accompanied by PM Jacinda Ardern and kiwi pop singer Lorde.

Unfortunately for Lorde, she fell victim to Colbert's fake "snakes in a can" prank, thinking she was opening a can of peanut brittle. Colbert exclaimed that his trip was "worth it" after finally catching someone out with the prank. Jacinda Ardern had avoided the prank, after declining his offer for peanut brittle, and starting a conversation about New Zealand's lack of snakes.

More importantly; why did Stephen Colbert come to New Zealand in the first place? Besides crossing the world to catch people with his prank, he explained that it was a means to dilute news about US President Donald Trump, and says it was "as far away as I could get from our news without getting pecked to death from penguins".

Colbert's "week-long trip to New Zealand" will show a different story from the trip each night, beginning with a day out with Jacinda Ardern. The pair show in a carpool karaoke of Bohemian Rhapsody, after being picked up from the airport, and a poor attempt of The Late Show host floating the idea of making him "President of New Zealand"

Check out the full video below:


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