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How to Make Sure Nobody Goes MIA at a Festival

Everyone heads to music festivals excited for an amazing time with friends, meeting new people and making memories. What you don't plan for is when someone goes MIA and won't reply on messenger. You end up missing some of your favourite artists and participating in a massive manhunt around the festival perimeter.

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t lose a team member in the crowd or end up as the infamous person everyone is searching for.

Remember what your friends are wearing.

This might sound like a no- brainer but if you know that you’re specifically looking for someone in fluro pink, you can save a lot of time looking around at people you don’t even know. Even better if you're wearing something obvious like a bandanna or sparkly attire, you become a walking landmark for any people looking.

Make sure you have numbers saved on your phone

Not everyone has their data on all the time so save your friend's phone numbers alongside their Snap chat names and Instagram handles. Even if they aren’t picking up when you try through social media, provided their phone doesn’t die you'll only be a phone call away!

Keep an eye on your battery percentage

When you're out in the sun and collecting Insta content all day most phone batteries are sure to suffer. Stay aware of how charged your phone is, especially later in the day when many of the festival headliners are performing and mosh pits get more intense. If it’s a one day festival, you’ll probably be able to make it through with a fully charged phone and battery saver mode turned on.

Worst case scenario you can always write important phone numbers on your hand and borrow someone else's phone to contact the crew.

Know your friend's music taste

The true test of friendship, which artists do your friends listen to? If you know them well enough, you should be able to rule out what stages they won’t be jamming out at. They may have even mentioned the acts they are most excited for. If you manage to find them using this technique it's defiantly something to flex about!

Have a specific meet up spot

If all other contact fails, map out a specific meet up spot before the partying starts. It can be somewhere super obvious like a first aid tent or photo wall. Wherever you choose, make sure everyone knows where to go and plan set check in times throughout the day to regroup after any adventures.

Stay positive

At the end of the day remember to stay positive! Not everything is going to go as planned but everyone is there to have a good time. A lot of planning and anticipation always leads up to festivals so make the most of every single second!

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