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Florida Woman Wandering Wetlands Runs Into Terrifyingly Huge Alligator

When going for a walk in the wetlands of Florida, you’d probably expect to bump into a fair bit of wildlife, but one woman got a bit more than most would bargain for when she came across this ginormous alligator.

Fortunately, Conny Randolph works as a guide at Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery, a wetland preserve in Florida, so she’s used to seeing her fair share of gators in the wild.

Conny came across the 11-foot local resident during a recent stroll when their paths very nearly crossed. Luckily, the park guide knew what she was doing, and made sure they didn’t!

Conny posted a video to facebook and the clip, is enough to give anyone the eebie-jeebies. Conny can be heard saying ‘I’m going to back up a little bit,’ as the gator approaches. Very wise.

You might notice how calm and collected Conny appears to be in the clip, and that’s because she’s actually well acquainted with this particular gator.

She said he’s lived in the area for decades and therefore is well known among guides, however she did add that such close encounters are a rarity. Of course, the wetlands are the gator’s home, so it makes perfect sense that Conny would be keen to respect its space, just as we would all expect from one another.

Sharing the incredible footage on Facebook, Conny wrote:

A swamp encounter with Loosescrew, aka Snaggletooth. When wildlife approach, slowly and carefully give them their space.

Listen to the almost ‘Jurassic Park’ sound this Bull gator makes before hissing his displeasure at my being in his way…. the sound is very subtle before the warning hiss.

When we can live amongst the wild world without harming each other, it is INCREDIBLE!

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