The worst mistakes you can make on holiday

Tourists who don't do their research can make all kinds of cultural gaffes abroad - or even run into trouble with the law - for something as simple as a hand gesture or a drink order.


While some no-nos are a no-brainer, holidaymakers can offend locals even by doing something that is perfectly acceptable at home.


In a new thread, Reddit users have revealed some of the worst mistakes made by holidaymakers in their hometown or country.

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Don't give this hand gesture in Britain 


The V sign can mean peace or victory in the US, but is more offensive in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Photo / iStock



Don't touch people's heads in Thailand


Disrespecting Thai currency can land you in jail. Photo / iStock


Don't use the 'OK' sign in Brazil


This hand sign does not mean 'OK' in Brazil. Photo / iStock











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