If you have Snapchat... you have probably broken the law and didn't even know it.

Sooooo... apparently we could all be going to jail.

According to Snapchat's rules and regulations, it's ILLEGAL to screenshot a Snapchat picture and pass it on without consent from the original user.

If the original user who sent the Snapchat wanted to report the person who screenshot it and shared it, they could even go to PRISON! WTAF!

"Under UK copyright law, it would be unlawful for Snapchat users to copy an image and make it available to the public without the consent of the image owner," the UK's culture minister wrote.

"The image owner would be able to sue anyone who does this for copyright infringement."

"However, Snapchat advises users to avoid sending messages which they would not want to be saved or shared."

Those who get convicted of the offence could face up to TWO YEARS in prison!

Ahh... screenshotting friend's photos doesn't seen as much fun anymore...

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