Tyga weighs in on Blac Chyna's and Rob Kardashian's engagment

Tyga has nothing but love about the latest news that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged.

The rapper took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon, hours after it was first revealed that his ex was proposed to by her boyfriend of three months, and explained why he has nothing but well wishes for the soon-to-be husband and wife.

"Everybody deserves 2 be happy. What some1 does for their happiness is not my concern, as long as it's not interfering wit my happiness," he wrote.

"It makes me happy to see the mother of my son happy. My only concern in this situation is my son. I want him in happy environments. He's innocent in this & I want him to feel as much love as possible."

The 26-year-old had some strong words to his haters out there, too.

"Only an evil heart would direct negativity at a child & make fun of him for being in a situation that is out of his control. When u been blessed how I've been, & create some1 u love unconditional, u'll understand how I feel. U'll want to protect that blessing. Cherish yo own blessings and stop hating mine."

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