Bachelor vs Bachelor: Who's worn the title better?

Now that New Zealand has had two men willing to look for love in front of the nation on The Bachelor, comparisons between them were always going to be inevitable.

So, which season has been blessed with the "better" Bachelor?

We assess Art Green and Jordan Mauger's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to fronting a reality TV contest for love...

Hottest without a shirt on

Winner – Art

Green wins this title, hands down. Season one had far more scenes dedicated to a shirtless Bach, with his body winning over viewers before his gentle persona. Every time the Bachelorettes saw those abs, the girls went weak at the knees. So too did the production crew.

Runner up – Jordan

We haven't seen nearly as much of Mauger's abs. To his credit, Mauger has a body that most Kiwi men can relate to. His transformation from 'Jordy Pordy Pudding Pie' to The Bachelor has been impressive, but Mauger actually looks better with a bit more meat on him.

Best in Wardrobe

Winner – Jordan

Mauger looks very dapper indeed in those Working Style suits he's donning for the rose ceremonies. It's just his casual wear that makes Spy cringe. When the cast hits Queensland next week, we hope we don’t have to yet again see the striped T shirt and mis-matched floral shorts that he seems to live in.

Runner up – Art

As a model, Green should have been the winner of this particular contest, but the show didn't make-to-measure in time and often the suit jackets and sleeves were too short on him. He did, however, have a better selection of singlets and shorts than Mauger.

Most capable with the "Bitchelorette"

Winner – Jordan

There was a chemistry of sorts after "Nasty" Naz and Mauger's first date this week. Right from the beginning, Mauger has seemed to 'get' the brunette beauty and her mischievous, yet bitchy nature. Mauger keeps assuring this season’s vixen that he can take care of himself and there is no need to run to him every time she wants to assassinate the character of her competition.

Besides as a producer himself, he knows what makes good telly. Will Mauger keep Naz longer than Green kept Chrystal Chenery?

Runner up – Art

The self-titled season one Bitchelorette, Chrystal Chenery, never won big softy Green's heart. His eyes were impressed with what he saw, but you could tell from day one that he knew he could not tame the shrew. On their first date, when Chenery went in for the open-mouthed pash, Green took her mocking of his closed mouth on the chin.

Best rejection with heart

Winner – Art

Green's earnest face made all the girls feel okay when it was their turn not to receive a rose. He would nearly always have something nice to say and if he came across a Bachelorette who was feeling a little thorny when leaving, he wished them well and kept the remorseful face up till they left the room.

Bachelor host Mike Puru had great chemistry with Green and together they performed the job of eviction with sensitive style.

Runner up – Jordan

When Mauger says "adios" to a Bachelorette, he does it like he's saying "well done" to an opposing team after a footy match. We are surprised Shari Flavall didn't slap him after he had got her hopes up on their Hawaiian tree-lined walk this week. No wonder she turned to Tinder. Puru seems to put more sincerity into the "goodbye" than Mauger.

Who comes across best on screen?

Winner – Art

Green's secret weapon was his nature. He was always a gentleman and seemed to actually care. Producers found gold in the guy that every girl’s mum would love them to bring home. When Matilda Rice broke her wrist during filming when she was thrown from a horse, Green was a knight in shining armour.

Runner up – Jordan

Rejected Bachelorette Alicia Cowan was spot on this week when she said after her eviction: "[Jordan's] sense of humour hasn't been coming across as much as it could. He is actually a funny guy."

Best social media game player

Winner – Art

When the first series of The Bachelor premiered, Green posted a picture of himself to Instagram wearing a black tux and looking down at a single rose saying: "Here we go #dontscrewitup." He got 1,755 likes for that post.

In the weeks previous, when speculation was running high that he was The Bachelor, Green was quietly getting his social media game ready. During screening, no snaps from the show were posted, but glimpses into his life outside of the show were.

The followers of both the Bachelor and his Bachelorette Rice shot up in their hundreds by the minute during the season finale. Green currently sits at 62,000 Instagram followers. It is a credit to his girlfriend's appeal that Rice has 10,000 more.

Runner up – Jordan

Best mate Will Hall wondered if Mauger had cleaned up his social media accounts before the debut of season two. Perhaps this was a reason Mauger didn't open his account to the public until three weeks ago...

For his first public post as The Bachelor, Mauger posted a cute picture of himself as a youngster:"“Lil' Bach. est 1983". That post got 104 likes.

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