People Keep Naming Their Cats After This Particular Singer

Have you ever woken up one morning and said to yourself, "I wonder what the most popular cat names are these days?". In case you have, or if you're just a cat lover, you're going to want to know this information., an Airbnb for pets (for real), surveyed its users and discovered the most common names for their cats.

According to their findings, owners are naming their kitties after pop culture icons. Believe (or should we say Belieb) it or not, 'Bieber' is one of the most common celeb-inspired cat names! Apparently cat lovers are also very much into all things fantasy, as Khaleesi, Bellatrix and Yoda were also among the most popular pop culture kitty names.

Owners also enjoy naming their furry friends after food with Olive, Ginger, Oreo, Mochi and Pepper making the top five. When people aren't naming their kittens after spices and singers, they're opting for names that sound more human than feline. The top ten female cat names are Luna, Chloe, Bella, Lucy, Lily, Sophie, Lola, Zoe, Cleo and Nala. All except for Luna Lola, Cleo and Nala made the list for top baby names in 2015 as well.

For male cats, the same theme applies. Oliver, Leo, Charlie, Milo, Max, Jack, George, Simon, Loki and Simba made the top ten. Kind of loving that the number 10 spots on both lists are Lion King characters. Never gets old. We may never know why Justin Bieber is blessing cats with his famous name, but at the same time, we think we're okay with it.


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