You Can Check Your Facebook Messages Without The Other Person Knowing!

Want to check your Facebook messages without setting off the 'Seen' notification? Because lets me honest.. we have all been in a situation where we want to read the message, we just don't want to reply.

So for all the times you're not ready to reply back to messages, there's two ways you can do it without letting the other person know you've already read it via mobile.

1. Turn on your push notifications.By doing so, you may be able to catch what the message is from your notification screen, without needing to open the Messenger App.

2. Switching on Airplane Mode.This safe mode is a sure fire way to read unread messages without being "seen" because your internet connection will temporary be switched off, and Facebook won't be able to send back a 'read' receipt.

Because no one wants to be this person...


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