Zac Efron Attempts Cool With Baywatch Beach Run and... ends up wiping out!

Even people who don’t know a thing about the original Baywatch series know about the iconic "beach running" from the series' intro sequence. They’re what made the series to endlessly watchable, and turned Pamela Anderson into a bona fide icon. However, not everyone can pull the maneuver off quite as effortlessly as Ms. Anderson, as Zac Efron sadly just found out.


And after...

As you can see from the above photo, the entire cast of the upcoming Baywatchreboot tried to pay homage to the original series by running own the beach in unison. Because it’s a Baywatch movie, everyone involved looks basically perfect and graceful as hell. However, at some point during the photo shoot Zac Efron loses his footing and takes a serious tumble head first into the sand.

The film is said to hit theaters on May 17, 2017. So until then, we can just continue to google how gorgeous Zac Efron is running topless across the beach.


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