Jay Z Booed By Beyonce Fans In Miami Before Her Formation Concert

Jay Z is definitely feeling the heat after allegedly cheating on Beyonce, and getting called out for it on ‘Lemonade’! The Beyhive was out in full force in Miami prior to Beyonce’s Formation show, and they made sure to let Jay know how much he screwed up!

If we’ve all learned anything post-Lemonade, it’s that you do not mess with Beyonce, 34! Poke the hive, feel the wrath of the beys all around you! Jay Z, 46, who allegedly had multiple affairs, according to Lemonade‘s lyrics, isn’t doing so well in Miami, where he’s literally getting booed in the street by enraged fans, according to a source who spoke to HollywoodLife.com.

“Jay Z’s getting an awful reception in Miami that would make even LeBron James feel bad,”

“Everywhere HOV goes, people are looking at him with a stank face. Hell, even random fans boo him when in public because they think he cheated on Bey. He’s definitely feeling the Miami heat and it’s hotter than the city’s humid hell.”

Damn! That sounds terrible! We get why people are enraged when they see Jay; they think that he broke Beyonce’s heart and stepped out withsome chick called Becky. You know, the one with the good hair. He’s certainly not going to get a very good reception from fans just a few days after Lemonade, which includes so many accusatory lyrics about cheating, dropped!

Source hollywoodlife.com

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