Something Is VERY Off In Kris Jenner's Instagram Of Mason

Yesterday, Kris Jenner posted an instagram picture of her grandson, Mason Disick and it has got the ENTIRE internet talking.

In the post, you can see Mason drawing on a piece of paper with markers.

The photo was taken above so that his face can't be seen and his HAIR COLOUR is SO different it's making us think that couldn't be Mason at all!

Many confused Instagram followers are suggesting Kourtney must have died Mason's hair because it has NEVER been that dark!

Is it the lighting? Was it a long winter for Mason without ANY exposure to sunlight? Did Kourtney dye his hair? Or is it not even Mason at all?

Comments include:

When did his hair get this dark and that short?!?


Why does Mason have black hair?

Can someone explain how this is Mason!?!


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