The Real Housewives of Auckland revealed

The cast of The Real Housewives of Auckland has been revealed at a launch event for MediaWorks' new joint venture Bravo.

Bravo will replace Four in July, marking the end of the channel's 19-year history. It will be a joint venture with NBC Universal.

The room was then given a first-look at a trailer for the Real Housewives of Auckland, before the cast took the stage.

Meet the real housewives!

Angela Stone: Fashion designer and stylist from Christchurch. In her words, she promises to bring "drive" and "focus" to the show.

Ann Batley-Burton: The self-proclaimed "champagne lady", appropriately adorned in a sparkling champagne coloured gown. Her advice to live by? "If you want a successful party, you've got to serve champagne."

Gilda Kirkpatrick: The mother-of-two and advertising executive says it's simple to have it all, with the right help. "I have great staff. That's the secret."

Julia Sloane: An author, business woman, athlete and former model, living in Parnell.

Louise Wallace: The former Weakest Link host is no stranger to reality television, having starred in and later hosted Celebrity Treasure Island. She says this series will let people see "the real me. I want to share my fabulous life with you all. I intend to bring it big time."

Michelle Blanchard: An English former fashion model, married a Kiwi, Blanchard gave the crowd a taste of her humour when she joked "I don't think it's a secret. Black don't crack".


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