Kristen Stewart: Running Into Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Was ‘A Bitter Pill’ To Swallow

It’s not always easy to run into exes, especially when they have their new significant other in tow. Kristen Stewart dealt with that exact situation with Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs at the 2016 Met Gala — and it was a ‘bitter pill’ for her to swallow.

Is Kristen Stewart still pained by Robert Pattinson‘s relationship with FKA Twigs? The 26-year-old actress and her ex reunited at the Met Ball on May 2, and while there were seemingly no hard feelings, Kristen didn’t exactly enjoy the in-person reminder that her ex is engaged. We got the inside scoop about Kristen’s feelings about the “bittersweet” meeting!

“It was a bitter pill for her to swallow, but Kristen was happy to see Rob in a loving and happy relationship with Tahliah at the Met Gala,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “Kristen just wants nothing but happiness for Rob, having hurt him all those years ago and she believes Tahliah is just what he deserves.”

Aww, what a supportive ex! Considering Kristen is in a happy relationship herself with Soko, it was probably easier for Kristen to feel such happiness for Rob. With a history like theirs, though, we can’t blame Kristen for feeling a little sadness when she saw Rob with FKA!

But maybe Kristen enjoyed seeing them together because she noticed that Rob had a little piece of her with him at the gala. Both he and Kristen were sporting matching hoop earrings with their Met Gala ensembles, which had Robsten fans totally flipping out that it was symbolic of their past relationship. Rob may have clearly been all about his fiancee, FKA (whose real name is Tahliah), at the gala, but that earring seemed awfully coincidental!


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