Will Steven Adams accept Lorde's offer?

Lorde is backing Steven Adams as his team prepares for the NBA's Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland today.

She shared a message of support for Adams on Twitter saying: "doing pretty good out there aren't you, cool hair too."

Lorde also offered to send him over some Kiwi chocolate.

"There are some bomb new Whittakers flavours want me to send you some," she asked.

The Kiwi singer recently returned to New Zealand after spending time in the United States where she performed at Coachella, and made an appearance at the Met Gala - one of the world's most glamorous fashion events.

However, due to a strict diet Adams might have to hold back on Lorde's offer.

At a recent game, a Kiwi fan gave him a bottle of L&P. Although Adams appreciated the gift from New Zealand, it was a post-match protein shake that was his drink of choice.

"I probably won't drink it. Too much sugar, to be honest with you," he told theHerald.

Lorde and Adams met back in 2014, when he went to her gig in Chicago and hung out with her after the concert.

During an interview with The Oklahoman at the time Adams shared his respect for Lorde.

"She's real cool, just a chilled-out chick. She was going through what I was going through, it being weird meeting people who've got a name but you don't actually know about them. Then you have a chat and you're like, 'Oh that's (such and such)'."

source: nzherald.co.nz

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