McDonald's releases strange new Green and Red Burgers

Out of all the colours you could choose to make your burger, we're not sure green would be high on the list.

But that hasn't stopped McDonald's.

The fast food giant has just launched the "Naughty Green Pork Burger" in China to promote the upcoming Angry Birds film.

Along with bright green buns, the strange creation is made up of pork, egg, lettuce and a secret spicy jalapeno sauce.

There's also an equally odd-looking "Super Red Burger" - basically a double chicken sandwich.

The new burgers are only available in China, but that hasn't stopped people from around the world throwing in their two cents' on social media. it's safe to say most of them aren't lovin' it. One person on Facebook wished for "a 'vomit' emoticon", while another on Twitter suggested they're "not gonna eat that ever in a million years under duress and in a hostage situation". And they weren't the only ones turned off by the mouldy-looking offering...


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