Anne Hathaway throws MAJOR shade at the Kardashians on Instagram... then deletes it?

Did Anne Hathaway, 33, make a huge mistake? The Alice: Through The Looking Glass actress posted an Instagram on May 23 that grossly belittled the Kardashians in order to uplift her costar/the Red Queen, Helena Bonham Carter, 49. She was fine posting it, so what prompted her to delete it?

The backlash was strong and swift as soon as Anne pressed “share” on her Instagram, andAlice‘s White Queen got the message that she needed to delete her post ASAP! Up came the apology post in its place! Anne explained that she hadn’t meant to throw shade at the Kardashians, just talk about how cool Helena is. “It never occured to me that I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x.”

Anne realized she had made a mistake right away and corrected it. But one thing — how could she have not realized her post was pitting woman against woman? It was literally a comparison! Her Instagram was a pic of the infinitely quirky and cool Helena, captioned “In a world of Kardashians…be a Helena Bonham Carter.” Why can’t people be both? It’s a really big world!

All we can say is that Anne made the right decision to take the post down and apologize before the Kardashians caught wind of it. Or worse, Kanye West! We’re pretty sure she’s not ready toduel with him on Twitter over his lady’s honor.


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