Snapchat Updates Stories and Discover

Damnnnn Snapchat back at it again with the updates! Although this one isn't major, there are a couple of updated features you need to check out.

The update today puts a heavy focus on the Discover view within Snapchat. The Discover feed is now directly below a user’s personal stories and above their friend’s stories in a small card carousel view.

One of our favourite parts of the update, though, is how easy it is now to switch between views.

The icons clearly indicate that the left most view is for chatting, and the right side view is for Stories. Although Discover is even clearer with the update, there is still a standalone Discover view within the app.

The Live stories view isn’t technically new, but by moving it below Recent Updates, more focus is put on user Stories and Discover at the top. The Live stories change also gives users a glimpse into what they’ll see even before they open the story itself.

What’s New in Version

Stories and Discover have a new look. See what’s inside before you tap!

When you finish an edition in Discover, swipe up to Subscribe so you never miss an update! Subscriptions appear below your friends’ Stories.

Tap the navigation buttons at the bottom to jump between screens.

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