Awkward Celebrity School Ball Photos!

Behind all the fame and fortune, we sometimes forget that once upon a time celebs were all just like us, and had equally awkward school ball photos just like us...

Before she was Michelle Obama, she was Michelle in the slightly awful pink slick dress...

Luckily for Bella Thorne her school ball was pretty recent and isn't as tragic as it could have been..

No one is as cool as Jayden Smith cool by wearing your sneakers from the school ball... who you running from?

Gigi Hadid could have worn a potato sack to her school ball and still would have looked like a million dollars..

Back before Gwen Stefani was a Holla Back girl..

Classic Will Farrell

Before Tom Brady was a successful quarter back

We have all seen that look on Tiger Woods face before...

Before Snookie became the very famous meatball

Oh Ellen...

George Clooney doesn't do awkward, just handsome.

Unfortunately Brad Pitt does do awkward...

Brandy and Kobe Bryant ball dates since waaaaaay back.

Before she was Ferige, she was just Stacey.

Jimmy Fallon.... This has to be the absolute best

John Stamos back when the mullet wasn't frowned upon.

Josh Duhamel...

Can you spot which one Lady Gaga is..? (blue dress in the middle)

Matthew Mcconaughey before his Oscar winning days..

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