Gigi Hadid Urging Zayn Malik To Reunite With One Direction: ‘It’s For Your Health’

We could be seeing a Zayn Malik/One Direction reunion if his on-again girlfriend Gigi Hadid has any say!

While Zayn Malik, 23, struggles with being able to perform live as a solo act, his lady Gigi Hadid, 21, thinks the best medicine to cure his social anxiety problem is getting back together with his former band mates in One Direction. has learned EXCLUSIVELY that she’s pushing him to put his solo act on hold and get back to the security of being in his old band.

“Gigi is urging Zayn to get back together with One Direction for his health. Zayn has always suffered from anxiety and since he has gone solo, it has only gotten worse. Publicly Gigi has been very supportive of Zayn’s troubles and privately she has been advising him to seek refuge with the guys in One Direction. She knows they have had their ups and downs over the years, but Zayn was always able to perform with his mates around him,”

After all the dissing Zayn did on his former band after going solo, he may have burned all of his bridges with the guys. “Lots of things have been said and done since he has left One Direction. First the guys need to approve such a major reversal of decision. Lots needs to happen before aOne Direction reunion tour takes place but it is a possibility. The band needs to get back togetherfirst before they can welcome him back,” our source adds. What a sad reminder that the four guys still need to make 1D come alive again, because we miss them so much!

Back in happier times...


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