Amber Rose & Ex Wiz Khalifa to Have More Kids?

Amber Rose appears to get along pretty well with her ex Wiz Khalifa, father of their 3-year-old son Sebastian "Bash" Taylor Thomaz.

So well that the glamour model and upcoming VH1 talk show host jokes about having more kids with the rapper.

"Maybe in a couple years, we'll get back together and have some more babies," Rose told People magazine in an interview posted Friday. "I tell him all the time, 'Please just give me your sperm. That's all I want.'"

"He's like, 'No,' and I'm like, 'Well, I'm just gonna have to take advantage of you then,'" she joked.

Rose and Wiz wed in early 2013. She filed for divorce about a year and a half later. The two had a prenup that states the rapper would pay her $1 million.

They also recently reached a settlement under which he will pay her $14,800 a month in child support and will share with her legal and physical custody of their son.

The two have made co-parenting a priority and have also reunited both with and without their boy since the breakup.

"Me and Wiz have an amazing relationship," Rose told E! News. "We co-parent very well, we both love our son."

"We obviously loved each other so much—we still love each other," she also said about her ex on the Guys We F--ked podcast. "We still really, really love each other, we just can't be together. We're not good in a relationship."


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