Sia’s Face Accidentally Revealed During Performance

Sia tries her hardest to keep her face a secret from all her adoring fans. However, despite her best efforts, the 40-year-old singer’s wigs are no match for an out-of-control wind machine, as she found out in the middle of a concert! Whoops

The “Cheap Thrills” singer was in the middle of a song during her June 22 concert in Colorado when her face decided to make a surprise cameo. Her wig and oversized hat were blown upwards, thanks to the wind, thus exposing her face for the audience to see. Thankfully, her wardrobe was quickly fixed and the rest of the show went as planned.

Sia’s face is really the worst kept secret in music. Though she always performs in giant wigs and even bigger outfits — like the extravagant ruffled dress she wore at the Boston Calling music festival — she has shown her face to people in the past. A wig-less Sia posed for a picture with fans in Nov. 2015, and during the final season of American Idol, Sia gave the final four an extra treat, as she showed her face to them.


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