Dad imitates daughter's duckface selfies with hilarious results

Dads can just be the absolute worst when it comes to teasing about the teenage antics of their offspring.

But one dad has taken it to a whole other level by recreating his daughter's selfies... complete with "duckface" poses.

In the first post he has drawn a replica of Cassie's stomach tattoo on his own midriff and donned a cropped t-shirt and patterned pants. It's the accompanying duckface, however, that really steals the show, with Cassie's response being "THIS IS MY FATHER".

In the second post, Cassie's father sports another hand drawn tattoo, this time on his chest, as well as a crown made from droopy leaves, in an amusing nod to Cassie's Snapchat-created selfie.

He also wears a low cut white tank top and similar necklace, as well as that ubiquitous duckface. Cassie's response? "My father harasses me on social media."

It's a touching thing to see a father and daughter bonding over some humorous online banter.


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