The Internet Reacts to Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift's Drama on Twitter and Wikipedia

The Internet can either be a terrible or awful, but come Monday morning, it was a fantastic place to be.

Sunday night Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift 's ongoing feud took a major turn when theKeeping Up With the Kardashians star released footage of a conversation that took place between Taylor and Kanye West about the lyrics to "Famous." Kim's videos on Snapchat blew the lid on the long-running feud between Kanye and Taylor, and the Internet showed up to respond to it.

Giving the world its all, the Internet reacted with hilarious memes, GIFs and even adjusted Taylor's Wikipedia page to reflect what went down. Here are some of the best reactions:

As the ladies of The View joked Monday morning, "We are a world divided." Fans and even friends of Kim and Taylor have spoken out—or subtly hinted at—about their fidelity to either #TeamKim or #TeamTaylor, but suffice it to say the real winner in this ongoing feud is the Internet. No matter whose side you're on, we can probably all agree that these GIFs and memes are the best part to come out of this drama.


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