The RELEASE DATE for the iPhone 7 has been revealed!

Apple have been known to always keep the release date for their new products a secret until basically a week before you can purchase them... but they all tend to come out in September (with the exact date kept a secret).

However... the exact retail date has just been revealed.

An industry insider has it on good confirmation, that the official release date for the new iPhone 7 is Friday, September 16.

Another tech reporter claims that the new iPhone will come out in the week commencing September 12, but will most likely become available to purchase on the Friday (which will be the 16th).

There have been endless rumors circulating about the new iPhone 7, the most recent one claiming that that there will be no headphone plug (meaning we will all have to buy Apple branded wireless bluetooth headphones), which are still just rumors at this point THANK GOD.

September here we come!

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