Taylor Swift mural in Melbourne to Kanye West

Ever wondered what Kanye would look like with Taylor's blonde hair?

Wonder no more as the second facelift in as many days to the Taylor Swift mural in Australia well and truly answers that.

Kanye West, the man who has been in a public spat with the Bad Blood singer over the use of her name in his song Famous, appeared on Friday as the latest face on the Hosier Lane mural in Melbourne.

Poking fun at the feud, the mural is now dedicated to the "loving memory of Harambe" who "murdered Taylor Smith on Snapchat".

The mural had first ironically mourned the death of Swift's music career after she was accused of lying about a conversation with West over his new song.

West replaced the face of Caveman Spongebob, which was painted over Taylor Swift after artist Lush said he was contacted by Swift's lawyers.

During that first update, the reference to Swift - or rather "Taylor Smith" - was changed to Harambe, the gorilla shot dead at a US zoo.

Harambe has been ironically mourned and turned into an internet meme since his death in May.

The argument goes that, by using Harambe's death, overplayed grief can be mocked without fear close family of the deceased will be offended.

As to who was behind the various updates, Lush won't say but his fans on Instagram are fairly certain.

Here is the original mural that caused Taylors team to almost sue the artist.

source: nzherald.co.nz

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