Some genius invented a pizza ATM and we need it to be a part of our lives

If there was ever an invention that this world needs, a pizza ATM would be it. So praise the lord that some genius has ACTUALLY built a working pizza vending machine, where you can get delicious cheesy-ness 24 hours a day.

according to, Ohio's Xavier University has given its students the best gift that money could buy in the form of this dream machine, which dispenses 12-inch pizzas for $9. We won't lie, we're considering moving abroad to study just to get in on this.

Customers simply choose their toppings on the touchscreen, hit a button, and within three minutes a fresh-baked pizza is dispensed via a special pizza slot. It works via an internal convection one, and was invented by a French company, which gives us hope that they'll make the short trip across the channel to start installing these very soon.

Around 70 pizzas can be stored in the machine at one time, but the university plans to restock quickly. And according to those that have tried them, the pizzas taste incredible too. Jennifer Paiotti, Marketing Director of auxiliary services for the university, told WPCO cincinnati: "It is the best pizza I've ever had, and I hate to admit that as a New Yorker."

And we're pretty sure this is the most jealous we've ever been in our lives.


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