You Can Now Sign Up For Namasdrake, A Completely Drake-Themed Yoga Class

If you’ve been feeling a little sore from running through the 6, you can stretch out your muscles with some hip-hop hot yoga.

Or, you can opt for a next-level workout that will make you seriously thirsty for some Champagne Papi.

Allow me to introduce you to the almighty Namasdrake.

That’s right, DJ and event promoter TJ Petracca recently teamed up with fellow DJ and yoga instructor Paul Schneider to create a pretty badass yoga class that pays tribute to none other than your favorite singer from the 6.

Annnnnd if this isn't exciting enough already the class also has a variety of geo-located Snapchat filters including Drake flexing a mountain pose, and him with a single tear dripping down his face.

Namasdrake also has an awesome post-yoga afterparty where you can hang out with your yoga class buddies and have a few Champagne Papi inspired cocktails.

Yassss, now bring it to New Zealand please.


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