10 things that just aren't cool anymore

According to Reddit users, they have some up with the top ten things that aren't cool anymore. After more than 20,000 comments here they are..

1. Upturned collars. "One of my customers keeps coming in with his collar popped... that hasn't been a thing in 15 years," says one Reddit user.

2. "Pushing people into swimming pools." "Personal electronics wrecked that one for good," noted one user. But really - was this ever a cool thing to do? 3. "The whole 'Keep Calm and ______' thing."

We still don't understand how that was cool in the first place.

4. Beyblades. Again, some of us would question whether this one was ever really cool. But there may still be hope for fans; as one user pointed out, there could always be Beyblade GO...

5. "Describing cool things as 'the bomb'." But you could simply adapt to the newer, apparently still cool version, suggested by one person: "'The bomb' is out. But just 'bomb' is still OK. Like take a bite of a cheeseburger and look at someone and say 'bomb'." So there.

6. "How has no one said MTV? Definitely MTV." According to another user, "MTV stopped being cool about 15 years ago". Sad, but true.

7. Full beards. Sorry, hipsters. And we're guessing they're soon to be followed by man buns.

8. Having cable TV.

There was a time when you were cool for having all those extra channels. Then Netflix came along. Though it must be said we don't feel quite as strongly about it as this person: "I legit have never had cable since I left my childhood home. I literally want to scratch my eyes out when a TV is on with all the commercials."

9. "Limos haven't been cool since the 90s."

But hey, there's always the party bus...

10. Facebook.

Apparently, it's now only for people "of a certain age", according to this Reddit user: "Facebook really has gotten to be for old people. The people who tolerate pushy ads, political commentary, minion memes, and incessant game notifications all thrive at Facebook. Kids don't roll that way."

BUT! As one of the girls in the office mentioned, Bibo wasn't on the list. So is it still classed as cool??

source: Stuff.co.nz

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