Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan Break Up Less Than Six Months After Getting Engaged

Two Disney Channel stars are putting the brakes on any upcoming wedding.

E! News can confirm Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan have broken up almost six months after getting engaged.

"Dove has decided this relationship isn't what she wants," Ryan shared on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. "We still love each other very much. Please be sensitive, as this is painful."

The news comes as a surprise to many fans of the couple. But while discussing wedding planning with E! News just last month, Ryan admitted that there was no rush to get to any altar.

"She's so busy. I'm so busy. The last thing we want to do is turn it into another thing on the to-do list, you know what I mean?" the actor told E! News while promoting The Rocky Horror Picture Show. "I mean, we're infants—we're children—so we have a lot of time to plan and get it done, and it'll happen when it's supposed to."

As for the engagement, Ryan made the announcement in his 1,000th Instagram picture back in April. Talk about timing!

"Dedicating my 1,000th post to my fiancée. I can't believe I get to call you that," he wrote. "Thanks for saying yes."

"We were both very clear with each other that it was like, ‘I know you're my person. You know you're my person. There's nobody else,'" Dove later shared with People. "My whole family was like, ‘We like him more than you, so figure it out.'"

As the pair goes their separate ways, fans will likely remember the couple's happy moments on and off camera.

Whether it's posing on red carpets together or enjoying dates in privacy, this duo has plenty of happy memories to share.


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