Four things you could buy instead of a $625 Justin Bieber ticket

Tickets to Justin Bieber's Mt Smart Stadium concert go on sale today - the price of which goes up to a whopping $625. Here are some things you can use your hard earned cash for instead:

Four passes to Bay Dreams

You and three friends could be partying it up with Grandmaster Flash and Yelawolf at the post-New Years music festival in Tauranga. And have enough left over for a couple of ice creams from a Mr Whippy truck.

A life-time supply of Chupa Chup lollipops

At 50 cents a pop you can get yourself 1250 pieces of delicious candy. Or at 4 for $1 from Countdown can get 2500. Which is a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of Chupa Chups. At least you'd be sorted for Halloween.

PlayStation VR

If you're willing to fork out an extra $4.99 you could pick up the highly anticipated new PlayStation Virtual Reality unit, which is out tomorrow.

A dozen pairs of Calvin Klein undies

Bieber was the face of Calvin Klein, so instead of seeing him sing you could instead enjoy the underwear he wears. At around $50 each, that'll net you around 12 pairs in fact.

Source - NZ Herald

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