Take a look at the mansion Justin Bieber's renting in North London!

Why the hell would you want to live in Los Angeles when you could live in North London, eh?

That's what Justin Bieber's clearly been thinking as he's rented a rather fancy-pants mansion in a fancy-pants part of London.

The 22 year old is believed to be spending £108,333 a month on his bachelor pad. That's almost £1.3million a year!

The 24,000 sq ft property, which was built in 1910 and has undergone a series of renovations over the years and boasts a bathroom made from 12 types of Italian marble. WHO EVEN KNEW THERE WERE 12 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ITALIAN MARBLE?!

There's also an outdoor pool, spa, tennis court and wine cellar.

Apparently Biebs has treated himself to the property because over the next few months he's planning on splitting his time between LA and lovely London.

Seeing as he's been having a smashing time in Essex recently, he clearly realises how great it is round these parts.

Aree Rand, a partner at property company Knight Frank, told the Daily Mail: "This is one of the capital's most luxurious homes and offers state-of-the-art facilities including an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, tennis court, home cinema and wine cellar.

"The house also offers complete privacy, something essential for someone of Justin's pop star standing."

Check this AMAZING place out below:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, thats nice.

Source: cosmopolitan.co.uk

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