This Oreo Twist Hack Will Tell You Which Side Gets The Icing

For all the Oreo lovers out there, OH SNAP, we have a majorly ~delicious~ scoop for you.

Prepare to be absolutely mind-blown.

Are you ready?

Because there is actually a way to figure out which side of your Oreo gets the icing when you twist it off.

According to Quartz, this critical information is backed up by science, so it’s clear you’ll be the Oreo icing pro in no time.

Three Princeton graduate students started off putting the twist-off method to the test with machinery.

They also recruited people at parties to be their test subjects, going through an insane amount of Oreo cookies throughout their investigation.

To figure out which side of the cookie will end up with the icing, all you have to do is pick out one cookie from the box.

And get this: Every Oreo in your box will end up THE SAME WITH THE ICING SITCH.

Situate the cookie package so the text is lined up the correct way. The Oreo in the top corner on the left is your dude… so pick him out of the box and twist it UP.

If the icing ends up being on the chocolate wafer on the left, it will be the same for each and every single cookie in the package.

If the icing ends up on the right side, same deal — it will be on the right side for every cookie in the box.

Needless to say, the next time you’re fighting with bae over the last cookie, you can pull off this little trick like a pro… and enjoy that last Oreo like it’s your JOB.



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