Ellen DeGeneres Honored With US Presidential Medal of Freedom By Barack Obama

President Barack Obama awarded the United State's highest civilian honour to Ellen DeGeneres and 21 other groundbreaking actors, musicians, athletes and innovators who inspired him over the years and "helped make me who I am."

"Everybody on this stage has touched me in a very powerful, personal way, in ways that they probably couldn't imagine," Obama said at a ceremony Tuesday in the White House East Room.

Obama said comedian Ellen DeGeneres has a way of making people laugh at something rather than someone, "except when I danced on her show." He said it's also easy to forget that she had risked her career nearly 20 years ago when she came out as gay.

"What an incredible burden that was to bear, to risk her career like that. People don't do that very often, and then to have the hopes of millions on your shoulders," Obama said.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom recognises contributions to the national interests of the United States, its security and its culture. Obama called the 2016 group a "particularly impressive class."

Yay Ellen! Congratulations!!

Source: stuff.co.nz

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