Netflix Just Made It Possible to Watch Without Wifi

As long as Netflix has been a thing, it’s always had one giant headache we all inevitably face: trying to stream without quality internet. But, as of now, it looks like your days struggling to watch content while on the go are over! Today (Nov. 30, 2016), Netflix announced that now customers can download movies and TV shows on mobile devices and watch them later, where the wifi situation isn’t reliable.

Take note, though, this feature is brand new and will take some time to work for all the platform’s titles. The streaming giant’s original content like Narcos, Orange is the New Black and The Crown are obviously getting priority. Also, this only works with the Netflix app, Android and devices with iOS, so if you use a laptop, you’re out of luck.

No more terrible in-flight movies! No more annoying wifi fees on flights to watch shows! It’s a new era.



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