Kris Jenner Offers Blac Chyna $5 Million To Give Rob Full Custody Of Dream:

Cha-Ching! Blac Chyna could have a very green Christmas if she cashes in on her $5 million offer from Kris Jenner, according to a new report. Kris is apparently NOT happy with Blac after she allegedly beat Rob Kardashian after moving out of their home.

The proud momma offered Blac a whopping $5 million to “walk away” from Rob their child, baby Dream, who was born Nov. 10, 2016, Star magazine reports. You gotta love momma Kris…

The reason for the Kris’ massive payout? — “Chyna’s been out partying every night, trying to trademark the Kardashian name and, of course, she’s been treating Rob like dirt,” a source close to Kris says, adding, “Kris wants Chyna to give Rob full custody of Dream.”

This shocking report comes after another claim, Dec. 20, that Blac allegedly beat Rob in a drunken rage, after taking baby Dream and moving out of the home their family shared in CA, Dec. 17. And get this — Kris’ boyfriend, Corey Gamble, 36, reportedly walked in on the explosive altercation and “ripped Chyna off of Rob.” Talk about a family feud… So, maybe Kris’ alleged money offer has a little bit to do with some anger over her only male child being reportedly beaten. But, who knows.

“Five million is about all Rob is worth,” the mag’s source says. “Chyna would be so smart to consider Kris’ offer. Everyone knows she doesn’t love him — she should cash out now and get on with her life.” Wow, that’s pretty harsh.

It’s been a chaotic past few days for Blac and Rob, after her Instagram was allegedly hacked Dec. 17, when an unidentified person uploaded multiple posts on her page. The scathing posts included screenshots of various text messages, where Chyna blasted Rob, and their relationship. Adding to the harsh messages, some of the screenshots also contained conversations with other rumored love interests of Blac’s, including rapper, Young Thug, 25, and actor, Jaden Smith, 18. The texts also revealed Blac’s apparent plan to trademark the Kardashian name.

Rob let out his “heartbroken” feelings on social media following Chyna’s abrupt departure from their home. It’s been reported that he will seek professional help for his “self-esteem and jealousy issues.” However, other reports claim that Rob and Blac have already kissed and made up. So, what’s going on here? Hopefully the tumultuous couple can put aside their differences for the Christmas holiday for the sake of their baby girl.


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