Bella Thorne Received Death Threats After Splitting with Tyler Posey

Bella Throne’s breakup was more than we thought.

According to the actress, she received death threats after splitting with an ex-boyfriend. Explaining that she had been in a dark place recently, the 19-year-old told People that it was “hard” not to listen to the negativity during that difficult time.

“I went through a breakup and that was kind of tough. You know, fans, if you’re just seen with somebody, they think you’re immediately, you gotta be in a relationship with them, which is not true. I hang out all the time with different people that I’m not dating, that I’m just friends with,” she said. “I hang out with a lot of guys because I’m a total tomboy, so a lot of my friends end up being guys because a lot of girls are like kind of too girly for me sometimes.”

As previously reported, Thorne was accused of cheating on boyfriend Tyler Posey when she was photographed kissing Charlie Puth late last year. The Disney Channel alum later claimed that she had parted ways with the Teen Wolf star before hooking up with Puth.

However, Puth publicly blasted Thorne for toying with his emotions, tweeting, “No one should have their heart messed with like this, and I’m not going to be in the middle of it.”

“[I] was getting death threats for a hot minute because they thought I had cheated on my ex, which is a total lie,” Thorne said about the situation. “People take social media as such a big thing. And they all think they know what they’re talking about. And they think they know your life and they get their friends to trash you. And they get all these people to hate on you and call you whatever names in the book. It’s kind of like one person says it and then everybody jumps on it.”

Last August, Thorne called it quits with actor Gregg Sulkin after a year together. Soon after, she started dating Posey, who was also close friends with Sulkin.

“It doesn’t feel good to think that everybody in the world just thinks you’re an absolutely disgusting person and just because I’m somebody where people know my name, it’s so much worse for me,” she said. “And people think that, like, we don’t get bullied in Hollywood — but we do! We get bullied by the public eye and fans and it’s really, let me tell you, it fucking hurts.”

She added, “It doesn’t feel good. Especially when they’re lies! Then I’m, like, really hurt. At least if it was true, I would be like, ‘all right, all right, all right, okay.’ But, it’s not!”


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