Richie McCaw & Gemma Flynn get hitched!

He liked it so he put a ring on it...

Women's Day have shared the first exclusive pics from good ol' Richie McCaw and Gemma Flynn's secret wedding in Wanaka over the weekend.

We are all loving it, and these pics are just sooo cute!

Don't they both look great! Richie wanted a very chilled day, to match who they are, Richie told Women's Day. The day was shared with friends and family and check out the snap Richie shared of the couple on their first morning as newly weds!

“We look to our parents – they’ve been married 30 years plus. Both of us were lucky with our upbringings and they’ve created an amazing foundation.” said Richie

“Marriage is a start of a new chapter,” Gemma explained, “and, the understanding that, for the rest of your life, someone will will always be there, no matter what.”

This is so cute, and a big Congratulations to the new husband and wife!

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