Steve From Blues Clues Returns In New Video!!

He's alive!!

Where has he been for the last few years? Many thought he had died but that story is completely false as he opens up in a new video about why he left and what he as been doing.

He answers all the big questions. We learn in the vid that Steve left the children’s program as he was getting older and losing his hair. He reckons he rarely gets recognized, and instead everyone thinks he looks like Paul Shaffer or Moby. Oh, and he still has his ‘thinking chair’ and his handy notebook!

Burns reveals that he wasn’t a fan of that pesky death hoax that has plagued the presenter since the end of the show. He says the frequent rumors about his death started to feel like a “cultural preference,” that the public preferred he was not alive.

These days he does mostly voice over work, and is working on a children’s album. But he wants Blues Clues to make a comeback. Hell yes!

Check out the video below!!

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