Looks Like Justin Bieber Might Have Trouble Getting To New Zealand

Justin Bieber is reportedly under police investigation amid allegations he headbutted a restaurant employee at a Pre-Grammy Awards party on Sunday.

The Baby hit maker was among the guests at Los Angeles eatery Serafina in the early hours of Saturday, when his producer pal Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd was hosting a private bash.

According to sources, Justin had been having fun "play fighting" with his pal, former That's So Raven actor Kyle Massey, when he spotted a Serafina staff member recording the exchange on a cell phone.

Sources tell the outlet Bieber approached the guy and asked him to stop filming and delete the video footage, but when the man refused, the singer allegedly attacked him.

Another restaurant worker reported the incident to cops, but Bieber had already left the premises by the time the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officers arrived to look into the matter. The alleged victim has reportedly declined to press charges, but the misdemeanor battery investigation is still ongoing.

Such charges, if laid could really hurt Justin's Travel plans to New Zealand after Chris Brown was not allowed in following similar charges. Lets Hope the Biebs can avoid anything so he can still make it here!! Or else we will hear the collective breaking of many hearts.

Source; Stuff.co.nz

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