The Nutella Dream Is Real And It's Just Across The Ditch!

We all love a good dose of Nutella once and awhile. Some more than others but this is unreal!A pop-up restaurant that serves actual Nutella burgers and pizzas opens up in Melbourne, Australia.

Now the best thing about Nutella it can go on pancakes, toast, in cake and even just on the spoon out of the jar, but as an actual dessert pizza? That's a new level of unrivaled joy.

The masterminds behind the incredible creations are 'Nuts about Tella': a Melbourne-based food truck and pop-up shop brand, who are almost as obsessed with the chocolatey spread as you are.

If you love Nutella then this pop up market is for you! Who wouldn't want to try 'The Mona Lisa' pizza (Nutella, strawberries and icing sugar) or 'The Last Supper' (Nutella, Reece's peanut butter cups, bananas, raspberries and organic coconut sugar).. I think it's time for a bit of a trip to Melbourne, Who's in?!


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