Lorde announces new single "Green Light"

The 3 year drought is almost over! Last night (01.03.17) our kiwi fave, Lorde sent her NZ fans into an absolute frenzy after she teased her new single "Green Light" in 3 locations in Auckland, cause she's awesome!

At 7pm she released a Tweet with a map pointing people to 3 locations around Auckland. The Tweet instructed her fans to go to these locations at 9.30pm.

Two of the locations featured lyrics from her upcoming track but featured no audio. The third location featured a short clip of her new track with previously unheard vocals from the queen of teases herself. The song is so different than the Lorde we know, but we are loving what we have been teased so far! BRING ON TOMORROW!!!

Here are some of the Tweets by her fans who found the three locations:

Lorde is obviously excited about her new track, check out her tweets about the new single announcement below:

Source: Twitter

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