This brand makes jewellery from breast milk

If you're into unique and alternative jewellery then we may have stumbled across the brand for you - Tree of Opals.

Nic Kamminga introduce the company, which specialises in making jewellery out of breast milk and umbilical cords earlier this week.

The process by which the milk is preserved is kept a closely guarded secret by Nic, but all mothers have to do is send a couple of vials of their milk (which can be kept in the freezer beforehand) and her breast milk artists will work their magic to turn it into pretty jewellery.

The milk is preserved in resin and used to create pendants, rings, charms and more.

Or, if breast-feeding jewellery isn't your bag, Nic also produces umbilical cord jewellery, set in resin in silver, gold or copper.

Not everyone was on board with the jewellery line, however, with many tweeting that they found the whole thing a bit, unusual...

Nic was asked to introduce her jewellery line after Rochelle Humes became the subject of social media debate this week when she posted a framed picture of her daughter's umbilical cord made into the word 'love', along with some pills made out of her placenta.


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