Is Rihanna Ready To Reunite With Ex Chris Brown?

Is Rihanna actually thinking about dating Chris Brown again? We hope not...
A source tells that she’s not writing him off forever, just until he deals with his drama with Karrueche Tran.
Chris Brown seemed to be reaching out to his infamous ex Rihanna, when he followed her on Instagram again earlier this month. The two have been rumored to be texting again. But no word on whether this means Rih is actually considering going back to her longtime ex?

“Rih will never stop loving and caring about Chris Brown,” a source told “That was the true love of her life and he’ll always have a special place with her. They talk and text and she absolutely loves [his daughter] Ro Ro, especially talking to her on FaceTime with Chris.”

Think about it, Rihanna hasn’t seriously dated anyone since her relationship with Chris ended permanently in 2013. Perhaps she’s always been waiting for him to be ready to be the guy she needs. Unfortunately, he still isn’t.

“He’s come a long way but he still has more to go,” the insider explained. “Rih knows in her heart he still has unresolved feelings for Karrueche and she wasn’t happy to hear about this restraining order situation. It drives her nuts when she hears about him and his dealings with other females whether it be good or bad. Rih loves him and could see herself with him but he has to get rid of many of his unresolved issues.”

From the sound of things, she could be waiting a long time..


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