Someone Got Ryan Reynolds’ Name Tattooed on His Butt After the Actor Liked His Tweet

Ryan Reynolds’ legacy has not only been immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but also on some fan’s butt.

A teenager named Dustin got the Life star’s name inked across one of his cheeks after the actor liked one of his tweets, which read, “@VancityReynolds if you like this i’ll tattoo your name on my butt.”

The 18-year-old debuted his new tat on Twitter this week, writing, “I should make it blac kand [sic] red.”

In a photo shared in another tweet, Reynolds’ name is scrawled in Comic Sans font in black and red ink as a tribute to the Canadian hunk’s Deadpool character. “@VancityReynolds your wish is my command,” the teen wrote.

“I saw someone else tweet him saying they’d buy 10 Deadpool DVDs if he liked their tweet, and he did like it, so I thought I’d do something similar,” the high school senior explained of his decision to BuzzFeed. “I just thought it’d be funny to get a tattoo, so I said if he liked my tweet I’d do it.”

Needless to say, the internet was shook by Dustin’s dedication to his word.

The Florida native added that he will never regret the decision as it’ll be “a funny story to tell.”

This is ridiculous, but awesome at the same time!


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