Here's the Baby Names You Should Avoid if You Don't Want a Criminal Child.

Nameberry has released a list of the baby names that are most-commonly attached to criminals.

While choosing a baby name is of-course the parents decision.... maybe it's a good idea to look this up... just to double check you aren't going to raise a "crim"

These are the most common names of murderers:

- Allan

- Harold

- Russell

- Daniel

- Justin

The most common male names for men who live a life of crime:

- Johnny

- Randy

- Bobby

- Willie

- Terry

- Billy

- Scott

- Kyle

- Joshua

- Jeremy

- Jesse

- Lawrence

- Juan

While females are less likely to commit crimes, these are the most common for the lady criminals:

- Melissa

- Theresa

Sounds like half of our friends group might actually be sneaky old criminals!


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