How You Use Instagram Confirms A Sad Truth About Your Personality According to Study

We all know that in the year 2017 Instagram is a powerful tool for not just teens but for all millennial's. However thanks to a new study you may not like the answer to how it shows us as people.

According to a research study conducted on 10,000 millennial's found that 64 percent believe Instagram is the most narcissistic social media platform — with more votes than Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat combined.

So according to this Instagram users are narcissistic attention-seekers who require constant validation and approval from their peers, apparently...

When you’re not posting selfie after selfie on Instagram because you’re obsessed with how you look, you’re probably deleting that ill-advised pic that people just didn’t love.

The survey found 78 percent of millennial's know someone who has deleted a post because it didn’t get enough likes.

It basically confirms most people post to seek validation from others, and it’s just another example of what a beautiful hot mess our generation is.


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