DRAMAAA! Meet the three "Intruders" on the Bachelor NZ

So just as we settled into liking (and not liking) the new cast of The Bachelor NZ... They decided to throw in a MASSIVE bombshell with the arrival of three "Intruders"

Lets just say that the original cast weren't happy to see their new acquaintances, and maybe the producers thought there wasn't enough drama.

So... who are the three new intruders?

Source: Matt Klitscher

KARINA Age: 23 Star Sign: Leo Hometown: Lugansk, Ukraine Where are you based now? Auckland Born in the Ukraine, law student Karina also lived in Vanuatu before her family settled in Auckland. She attributes being raised by her Russian mother and grandmother for her ability to remain extremely calm during arguments. She's been told that she looks like Ivanka Trump and is looking for someone who is funny, outgoing, caring, sporty, driven, successful and kind. She is a fluent Russian speaker and spent a few months learning Chinese - a language she'd like to master in the future.

Source: Matt Klitscher

SARAH Age: 28

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Kaiapoi, New Zealand and Léchelle, France Where are you based now? Christchurch Sarah works as an earthquake claims technician in Christchurch where she lives in her own home with her Scottish Fold cat Circleface. She's an avid traveller and in her spare time loves exploring everything from new countries and cities to beaches, bars and places to eat. For her dream date she'd keep it nice and simple: a sunset picnic at the beach with good music, good food and good wine. She decided to apply to be on The Bachelor NZ because she was keen to get back into the dating scene and thought 'what have I got to lose?'

Source: Matt Klitscher

VANESSA Age: 26 Star Sign: Cancer Hometown: Christchurch Where are you based now? Christchurch Sales specialist and self-confessed car enthusiast Vanessa hails from the garden city. She always speaks her mind and admits that she is not easily embarrassed. Her friends would describe her as outgoing, silly, fun, motivated, opinionated - the life and soul of the party and perhaps a 'little weird sometimes'. The best advice her dad ever gave her was to 'do what makes you happy, and don't make life too complicated'.

We hope the producers of The Bachelor have made the right choice by adding these intruders into the story-line! We guess we will have to wait and see!

Source: Newshub.co.nz

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