Want More Likes On Dating Apps? Here Is Your Solution.

One of the biggest anxieties that comes with crafting a perfect dating profile is how to represent yourself.

Relationship app Hinge just released data from an in-depth study that pinpoints exactly what “type” of profile picture will ultimately get you the most likes (and hopefully, the most dates).

If you couldn’t already guess, things like wearing sunglasses (especially indoors, you weirdo), adding a Snapchat filter and posing with someone who could be confused for a partner are all bad ideas when it comes to photo selection.

People want to see the “real” you, not someone with their face obscured… or with fake puppy ears.

Nor do they want to pick you out of a line-up. You should be representing yourself to the best of your ability. Showing a smile, enjoying a night out and participating in sports are all ways of doing that, according to Hinge’s report.

So for woman

Apparently, side profiles are a great tactic as well, since you’re 74 percent more likely to get that like if you’re looking away.

As for blokes

For guys, it’s a different story, forget looking away, because we want to stare deep into your soul. You’ll be 102 percent more likely to be liked if you’re staring straight ahead.

Just some tips which hopefully help you kill the dating game and get some likes!

Source: Elitedaily.com

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